Dynamics Vibration Testing, LLC

Magnificent 35Ton shaker

10Hz-1700Hz working frequency range

2.5m by 2.5m loading table

To advance industry in North America


 Professional Vibration Testing Solutions

Spacious Operation Area       

DVT occupies 79,000 sqft, of which 41,500 sqft comprises the testing lab while the remaining 37,500 sqft is used for storage. Our spacious facility ensures our capability to perform both small and large industry testing projects.

Powerful Testing Equipment 

We are equipped with a variety of shakers and chambers with different working loads and conditions, to satisfy your requirements.

Professional Specialists 

Our panels engaged in vibration testing for many years are capable to  provide reliable testing results.

Tri-axial Shaker

Advanced vibration solution

 DVT Objectives

Dynamics Vibration Testing, LLC (DVT) provides a wide spectrum of dynamics, vibration, and fatigue testing services that enable us to serve clients across a variety of business types, including

  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics and packages
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Battery
  • Instrumentation

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