Two 35-Ton Electrodynamic Shaker Systems




System PerformanceAmericanMetric
Sine Force66,000 lbf30,000 kgf
Random Force59,400 lbf27,000 kgf
Shock Force (6ms)132,000 lbf60,000 kgf
Useful Frequency Range5 to 1,700 Hz5 to 1,700 Hz
Continuous Displacement2.0 in51 mm
Shock Displacement2.0 in51 mm
Max Velocity5.9 ft/s1.8 m/s
Max Acceleration (sine)100 g981 m/s


Static and Dynamic Payload

OrientationMax static and dynamic Payload (kg)Max static and dynamic Payload (lbs)Max turnover Moment (kgf.m)Max turnover Moment (lbs.ft)
Vertical (armature only)5, 000 kg11,000 lbs--
Vertical (with head expander)15,000 kg33,000 lbs8,800 kgf.m63,600 lbs.ft
Vertical (with head expander)
Testing force less than 10 ton
25,000kg 55,000 lbs 8,800 kgf.m63,600 lbs.ft
Horizontal37,500 kg82,600 lbs48,000 kgf.m (pitch)
50,000 kgf.m (roll)
347,000 lbs.ft (pitch)
361,500 lbs.ft (roll)


Shaker Parameter

Armature Diameter31.5 in800 mm
Effective Armature Mass617 lb280 kg
First Resonant Frequency <5%, bare table1,500 Hz
Natural frequency thrust axis< 5 Hz< 5 Hz
Dimensions uncrated (W x D x H)113.0x75.6x79.1 in2870x1920x2010 mm
Shaker weight uncrated52,800 lb24,000 kg


Power Amplifier - MPA3000 Series

Amplifier Series/Model NumberHVA3625HVA3625
Number of sub-modules supplied2525
Rated Power Output440 kVA440 kVA
Rated Output Voltage320 V rms320 V rms
Rated Output Current1,375 A rms1,375 A rms
Number of Cabinets66
Dimensions uncrated (W x D x H)129.9 x 31.5 x 81.5 in3300 x 800 x 2070 mm
Amplifier weight uncrated10,010 lb4,550 kg
Shaker weight uncrated52,800 lb24,000 kg

cooling tower

Cooling Unit

Power Output18 kW18 kW
Cooling Unit Model NumberCU4CU4
Facility Cooling Water Flow106 US gal/min400 L/min
Facility Cooling Water Pressure58-72.5 psi0.4-0.5 Mpa
Closed Loop Distilled Water Volume37 US gal140 L
Dimensions Uncrated (W x D x H)87.5 x 51.2 x 81.5 in2225 x 1300 x 2070 mm
Cooling unit weight uncrated2,750 lb1,250 kg