DVT 2016 IDECT Workshop

On August 21, 2016, Albert Luo, on be half of Dynamics Vibration Testing, held a workshop at IDETC (International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference). IDETC is the premier international meeting in the fields of Design Engineering and Computers and Information in Engineering. The aim of this workshop is to introduce tri-axial vibration testing and fatigue life to both academics and industry. In the workshop, Albert talked about the use of 3-axis shaker systems to simulate real vibration environments for parts and elements of operating machines and structures. He presented an overview of the dynamics and mechanisms of the real vibration environment generated by 3-D shaker systems. To help participants have a better understanding of tri-axial vibration testing, the set up, control, and operation of tri-axial shaker systems are also discussed.

Good Job, Albert!