Structural Dynamics Testing Training Course

Structural Dynamics Testing I

Structural Dynamics Testing I, the second course on the series ‘Short course on Vibration’ designed by Dynamics Vibration Testing LLC(DVT), was held at DVT on August 8, 2017. The course was delivered by Timothy J. Copeland, area manager for central region of M+P international Inc. This course is highly valued by participants because of its comprehensive coverage of the theory and practice of modal analysis. In this course, participants learned:

  • Basics of modal analysis
  • Test instrumentation and test validation
  • SDOF curve fitting
  • Troubleshooting techniques in modal analysis
  • Correlation with FEA

Each participant was provided a testing system, enabling them to carry out impact testing and data analysis in a hands-on environment. Following the course, participants were invited for a tour of the DVT facility. Our next course, with special emphasis on strain gage measurement, will be open for registration soon. Please follow us for the update.